May 20, 2015

Wednesday Whimsy – Erin’s Bag

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Beautiful blue sky morning all! The sun is shining brilliantly, the trees are looking like life has hit them and the birds are singing. It’s a lovely day.

My sweet friend, Valerie, recently asked me to make her daughter-in-law, Erin, a yoga mat bag for a birthday gift. Of course I was thrilled to do that and Val and I started discussing colours and style for Erin’s bag. Valerie stopped short…..thinking perhaps her favourite colours and Erin’s favourite colours were dissimilar. So we decided to make Erin a completely custom bag, suited entirely to her.

I must say my usual colour palette revolves around blue and green and purple. Something like this:


Turns out, Erin enjoys a vastly different colour palette than what I am used to working with. She requested blacks, grays and white. What? Really? Wow!

Okay, so I checked into and began to gather together some black and gray batiks. Much to my surprise, there were some beautiful choices. Erin made the fabric selection, I ordered them and we were off.


I’m now thinking Erin may not be partial to my usual preference for embroidery designs. Such as:



So, I direct her to my favourite yoga-inspired embroidery design site, Windstar.
Erin comes up with a design called Old Dead Tree.
Yes, interestingly, that is what she comes up with.

It looks like this:


Beautiful, right? Who would have thought?

Fabrics in hand, designs chosen, I’m ready to sew. I found I loved working with a different colour palette and new embroidery designs. It was such fun!

Erin’s completed bag:


Erin with her completed bag:


Erin is delightful – a talented and clever woman …. and her photo shows how creative and artistic she is.
She has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Till later….


May 13, 2015

Wednesday Whimsy – Blog Tour Winners

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Good day. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Quilter’s Newsletter, Best Kids Quilts 2015 magazine’s recent blog tour. Some pretty fabulous prizes were given away.

From my blog, the two fabric winners were: AnnMarie and Jessica P. Congraulations! Both ladies will be contacted directly by Quilter’s Newsletter magazine and will receive one of these sweet little fabric bundles in the mail.


The winner of my new blog subscribers is……Kristy! Congratulations to Kristy and I will contact her directly via her email address. She will receive this pile of great magazines.


Thanks again, so much. It was fun hearing from each and every one of you.

Till later….Kim

May 8, 2015

Laminated Sweet Dreams

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Good morning everyone. Welcome to Day 5 of Quilter’s Newsletter’s blog tour. I so love that you are here. I’m privileged to have my little laminated quilt hanger featured in Quilter’s Newsletter Best Kids Quilts issue, 2015.


Working with Quilter’s Newsletter is a joy; special thanks to Lori Baker, Mary Kate Karr-Petras and Caitlin Dickey. Lovely ladies.

Like many of you, hands down, my favourite quilt to design is for a child. Sweet dreams is a simple, child-themed project that conveniently hangs on your kid’s headboard, footboard or on the side of a daybed.


The six pockets can hold books, small toys and treasures; secret storage for your wee one. The quilt front is made of Riley Blake laminated cottons…the fabric line is called Floriography. Machine embroidery embellishes the little bed hanger but you don’t necessarily have to follow my lead – you can skip the embroidery altogether or choose only to applique designs on the top pockets.


Stitching with laminate is not at all difficult. I’ve compiled a list of hints that accompany my project on pages 19, 20 and 21 of the issue. It’s chock full of 22 patterns and you can purchase a copy here.

Leave me a comment on my blog. I will choose two winners randomly and Quilter’s Newsletter will award two very lucky quilters each a fabric bundle aptly entitled Sweet Things by Northcott.


In addition, if you leave me a comment AND sign up to subscribe to my email blog, I will choose one new subscriber to receive this fabulous pile of quilt magazines, which includes Best Kids Quilts. Double the fun!


Comments will be accepted until Monday, May 11, 2015 at midnight MST. Good luck to everyone and thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by.

Till later….


Two other quilters are featured today on this blog tour. You can check out their posts by clicking on their names – Kate Colleran and Mary Kate Karr-Petras.

April 29, 2015

Wednesday’s Blog – Decorating with Quilts

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I love making quilts that are not always bed-sized, but are more unusual sizes and shapes. Bed runners, smaller children’s quilts and wall hangings are quick and easy projects for all of us. But, how to best showcase those smaller quilts is always an issue; if they don’t fit on a bed per se, how best to surround yourself with them in everyday life?

I made this quilt a long time ago – it was featured in Quilter’s Connection magazine; I called it Savasana…after the final resting pose in yoga. Photo1


I particularly love the teals and purples of the batiks in this little quilt and thought, perhaps I could use this quilt in our family room. I think it works pretty well on top of our blanket box folded. The wooden crate on top holds magazines for easy reading.


Another way the quilt can work is unfolded.



The embroidered images are surrounded by Brother teal metallic embroidery thread; the perfect complement to the small area rug in our family room.


How can you best utilize your quilts in your home decor?

Till later…..Kim

April 8, 2015

The Perfect Quilt

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This little essay of mine is currently featured on the Quilter’s Newsletter website.

The Perfect Quilt

Infusing my heart and soul into creating a quilt for someone that I love, is my the recipe for creating the perfect quilt. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes the creator – it is never universal. Perfection is the “idea” of a creation that fulfills the objective.

Years ago, I came across some stunning vintage fabric on eBay. As it was truly vintage, it was only 20 inches wide and was like an old English painting; delightfully portraying the utter sweetness and simplicity of life through a childs’ eyes. When the fabric arrived at my door, it looked even better than it had on my computer monitor, and I was thrilled to have it in my hands. I folded it and placed it in my stash, not having the vaguest idea of what it would be used for.

One day our beautiful granddaughter, Harlow was born. Once I saw her sweet little face, I instantly knew why I had purchased that fabric so long ago. It reminded me of her! Even though I hadn’t yet met her, my heart knew her. Harlow is a blessing beyond words, whose only mission in life is to find joy and spread it around.

I made her a quilt featuring the vintage fabric; it’s uncomplicated and simple, like her. Soft pink and muted green cottons work in concert to complement the unmistakeable innocence of the vintage fabric. An embroidered “H” for Harlow confirms the quilt is hers, and pale pink flannel serves as the most comfy backing ever. No quilt was easier to make, yet it meant so much to me.



There are imperfections in Harlow’s quilt but I don’t see them. I just see the lovely perfection that is my granddaughter and delight in the way she snuggles under her quilt at nap time.

Till later…..

P.S. You can click on the photos and they will be larger on your computer monitor.

April 1, 2015

Scraps, Scraps and more Scraps

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Good Spring morning to you all. It’s so wonderful that April has arrived! Although winter here in Calgary has been unseasonably warm, it’s still such a wonderful feeling to experience the imminent arrival of Spring.

As some of you know, I have been refurbishing our basement to make way for a better working space for me – more light and better organization for quilting and for writing. We are almost there – just waiting for some lighting fixtures that have taken more than 8 weeks to arrive. Hopefully, they will be worth the wait!

I’ve come up with an idea to easily store and display my scraps, and wanted to share it with you.


It’s a fabric shoe organizer and I think it works very well as a displayer-of-all-things-scrappy. The scraps are easy to see so it’s more likely they will be used. Fabrics can be rolled up into bunches and placed in the stretchy, mesh shoe compartments, making it easy to store a ton of fabrics in this handy dandy little item.


The shoe organizer can be hung anywhere in your workspace – on a doorknob, in a closet or on a cupboard door. So easy!

Although I don’t remember where I purchased my shoe organizer they are easily found online and are not at all expensive.

Take care everyone. Till later


January 28, 2015

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em….

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join ‘em! I’m not really fond of that saying, but it’s appropriate for how I’m feeling. Let me explain.

For the longest time, usuallly in the warm summer months, I’ve longed for a quilt studio that was apart from our home; some place that was my very own creative and cozy little nook. I’ve searched pinterest and magazines for backyard studios, checking every picturesque nook and cranny and then dreaming about how to build it in my backyard. I even had a recurring dream about a sun-drenched, backyard quilt studio that was like a little vintage cabin, complete with gauzy curtains blowing in the breeze. At the snap of a finger, I can recreate every tiny detail of that dream – it was so very real. It looked a bit like this little gem.


or like this (if it were new)


Speaking of real, winter set in. Living in Calgary, Canada and not on the California coast was the truth I had to deal with. In my neck of the woods, given the inclement and unpredictable weather, creating a warm and spacious backyard studio would be challenge number one. More importantly, however, came the realization that we are not moving from this house anytime soon, so why not work with what I’ve got? What I did have was a basement workspace – lots of room, lots of storage but not a lot of light. The basement felt like a dungeon some days…making me dread “going to work”. But, I must admit the basement has some strong points… is warm, it is spacious and it can be improved.

So, in keeping with the motto of “if ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” we are in the process of having our basement renovated, which is surprisingly thrilling! I can hardly wait until it’s finished. The ceilings have been scraped of the popcorn, the walls have been patched and taped and sanded and the old carpeting has been removed. There are now ten brand new pot lights adorning the unpainted ceiling and three new junction boxes for wall sconces. New casing and new baseboard have already done a ton to make the space feel better. Painter is coming on Friday and then carpeting will be laid the week after. As soon as I set up my new workspace, I will send you all a photo.

A new workspace, a new direction and a new attitude. Believe it or not, I already “feel” much better about my revamped basement. I am going to be changing my webpage and working toward a different goal in 2015. I am in limbo and can hardly wait till I can get back to work. Take care everyone.

Till later…


November 14, 2014

Best Fat Quarter Quilts – Blog Tour – Day 5

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Good day everyone!  Thanks ever so much for stopping by.

It’s such a treat to have my quilt, Charm & Whimsy featured on page 22 in Quilter’s Newsletter, Best Fat Quarter Quilts magazine.  It’s wonderful to work with editor, Mary Kate Karr-Petras and editorial assistant Caitlin Dickey. These ladies rock!


As is typical of me these days, my quilt was inspired by my granddaughter, Harlow. She loves to fly kites and walk with her umbrella in the rain and pick flowers (even when she’s not supposed to!). Like most 4 year olds, she loves eating a lollipop and opening gifts. The embroidered “H” on the quilt is the first initial in her name and the pinwheels on the bottom represent her love of all things that twirl.


The quilt is super easy to make. The colours of teal and purple, with a hint of pink just dance off the white background and have become my favorite colour scheme. I think the teal is especially lovely; it’s called Mooshka by Julie Paschkis. I bought yards of it!

The sun was shining so hard yesterday, I wanted to take advantage of the light and took some photos of my quilt. The snow didn’t dampen my spirits.


C&W4 (1024x669)

Please remember to comment on my blog for a chance to win great prizes from Quilter’s Newsletter. If you wish to purchase this issue, click here

Till later….

October 15, 2014

Cash Back!

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Good day to everyone.  I just had to share some news…and it involves getting $$$$ from fabric shopping.

In Canada, I’ve signed up for a service  The site offers cash back when members shop at the retail outlets featured on the website. One of the retail outlets is  I find an excellent source of quilting fabrics – especially flannels and laminates and stabilizer supplies for machine embroidery. In addition, shipping is ultra-fast and I receive my items within several days of ordering them.

Now, each time I purchase fabric on, I check in with first and receive a whopping 10% cash back on my total purchase!  Talk about win/win…..

I’d love to hear from my American quilting friends.  Is there a comparable website to in the United States?

By the way, I’m eager to share with you photos of my order. But I can’t! It’s more beautiful Riley Blake fabric which is being used for a project due soon for Best Kids Quilts magazine.

Till later….


October 1, 2014

Fabulous Festive Fat Quarters!

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I was recently featured on my favourite quilt shops’ web site – Fort Worth Fabric Studio. Here is my pillow tutorial, in plenty of time for Christmas sewing and Christmas giving.

I’m thrilled and excited to be featured here today, on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio blog page. Thanks to both Jodie and Lindsey for having me here. Even though I reside in Canada….a long, long way from Texas, I order most of my quilting fabric from FWFS. I’ve come to love the service I always get, the fabulous quality of fabrics that arrive in my mailbox and regular Friday email featuring new fabrics and sale bundles. What could be better?

I’m a freelance quilt designer and writer – my work can be found here and on my pinterest page. Visit my website and sign up for regular quilt-related emails.

So…..speaking of fabric and bundles, here is what arrived in my mailbox a short time ago!


From that fabulous festive bundle of fat quarters, my Christmas pillow was born.


Sweet and simple is my motto when creating quilt patterns and this pillow is about as sweet and simple as they come. Since it’s only September, you have oodles of time to make this project before Christmas rolls around. Make it as a gift for someone special!

Supplies: (all fabrics used to make the pillow are in the pictured fabric bundle and are fat quarters – 18″x22″ – with the exception of the white, background fabric)
Finished size: Pillow cover 15 1/2″x15 1/2″

7 Fat Quarters – (Black with multi coloured dots, black with white dots, black with Christmas wreaths, green with white dots, green with Christmas trees, red stripe, red with green leaves)
1/2 yard white
15″ square pillow form
17″ square of quilt batt
2 yards stabilizer – 20″ wide
1 yard fusible web
2 1/2 yards red rickrack
spray starch
temporary spray fabric adhesive
needle, thread, thimble

Optional: crocheted flower, four buttons


1. Two pieces of white fabric each 17″ square
2. From six of the fat quarters, two blacks, two greens and two reds cut one 2″x22″ strip from each.
3. Cut three more 2″x22″ strips from the black with multi coloured dots, four 4″ corner squares, and four 2″ circles
4. Cut four 2 1/2″ circles from four other fat quarters
5. From remaining fat quarters, choose four different fabrics and cut four 16 1/2″x12″ rectangles for pillow back
6. Cut two 16 1/2″x12″ rectangles from stabilizer for pillow back

Construction: Pillow Front (Cover) use a 3/8″ seam allowance unless otherwise noted

Begin by stitching together six 2″ strips for the pieced patchwork square. Press seam allowances and spray with starch.


Cut six 2″ strips from the six fat quarter unit


Line up the cut strips as per the photograph. Match seams and stitch. Press rows in alternating directions. Spray with starch.


Trim pieced patchwork square to measure 10″x10″. Stitch 2″ black strips as borders to both top and bottom and to both sides. Press and trim.


Cut a piece of fusible web to measure 10″x10″. Using the directions for the type of fusible web you are using, fuse to the back of the square using your iron.

Fold one white fabric square in half, and then in half again to find the middle.


On the diagonal, center the pieced patchwork square onto the white fabric and using an iron, fuse being mindful to trim away any loose threads.


Stitch around the outer perimeter of the pieced patchwork square using a machine applique or blanket stitch. Trim any loose threads.

Place one 4″ square right side down on one of the pillow cover corners. Using a pencil, draw a line across square diagonally. Stitch along the pencil line.


Cut the square 1/4″ from the stitching line.


Press the triangle open. Repeat for the three other corners of the pillow cover.

Mark the center between the pillow corner and the edge of the pieced patchwork square. Draw a very light pencil line and pin rickrack to that line. Carefully stitch on the rickrack.


Fuse circles to rickrack as shown in the photograph.

DSC_0195 (1024x657)

Make a three-part quilt sandwich with the pillow cover, quilt batt and the second piece of white fabric as backing. Adhere each layer by smoothing and applying spray adhesive. Pin. Quilt as desired. Trim to even. (My pillow has been quilted using a free motion pattern, which worked double duty, by not only quilting the pillow cover, but also secured the circles onto the pillow cover. If you choose not to quilt the pillow in this manner, be sure to stitch around the circles to secure.)


Hand sew on the crocheted flower and buttons, if you so choose.


Pillow Back:

Place the right side of one pillow back rectangle on the table. Layer a corresponding piece of stabilizer and another pillow back rectangle on top. Fold over the top edge 1/2″ and press. Fold over top edge another 1/2″, press and stitch. Do the same for the other pillow back piece.


Right sides together, layer the three-piece pillow back rectangles over the pillow cover keeping the seam allowances to the middle. See photograph for placement.

Trim to even all layers, pin and stitch around perimeter of the pillow cover. Turn pillow cover right side out.

HH15 - Copy

Insert pillow form. You are done!


Nice to meet you all!
Kim Hanson

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